Presentation of the ARG and by-laws

Dear Sir or Madam,

You have chosen a holiday home in Les Gets, a well known Winter and Summer resort which has retained it’s village-like character.

This is probably one of the reasons that motivated your choice and you probably hope to see the village maintain  it’s attractive atmosphere.

You might also like to meet other people like you who have chosen to spend time in Les Gets either on  holiday,  during their retirement or permanently.

We are  an Association of people who own holiday homes in Les Gets and who come from different horizons (various different nationalities, different  occupations,  different origins, etc.).

The association was created in 1971, and  has  the following objectives :

    1. Make it easier for temporary  residents to be informed about life in Les Gets,
    2. Develop ties between  the local inhabitants and the  visitors,
    3. Encourage and  support all local  initiatives  regarding  town planning, the development of news facilities and the organisation of sport and cultural events,
    4. Take steps to protect the environment, the areas of special beauty and the village,
    5. Represent and protect the interests of members of the association in all local deliberations.

Two  meetings are held each year during which members have an opportunity to meet with local authorities and discuss future projects in the village and the surrounding areas. These are followed by dinner in one of the local restaurants thus giving the opportunity to disvover even more of the village.

Members also meet during events supported by the association, for organised walks or outings and for other outdoor and indoor activities such as games or  golf.

Do not hesitate to contact us and to register to our activities on our web site. We will be delighted to count you amongst our members.

The By-laws of the Association can be downloaded by clicking on the image hereunder: